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  • Loans for Tenants In Common structures.  In the early 2000’s Tenant In Common (“TIC”) were often utilized in 1031 Exchange transactions.  TIC’s could be structured with certain restrictions that would allow CMBS lenders to originate and securitize these loans.  These loans, as most CMBS (Conduit) loans were referred to as Non-Recourse loans.  Having said most lenders then and today require a warm-body to sign a limited guaranty for fraud, waste, misapp (more..)
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  • Single Tenant and Credit Tenant Loans:  Many lenders are focused on single tenant lease loans.  Some lenders would like to see the amortization align with the primary lease term.  All of the lenders will assume the tenant will not exercise any option to extend the lease, unless of course the tenant has already formally extended the primary lease term.  Some lenders will consider a small balloon balance extending the loan amortization for 5 to 7-years beyond the primary lease (more..)
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  • Need 80% or greater for your apartment complex?  We receive a number of inquiries for apartment loans in excess of 80%.  Yes, these loans are available up to 83.3% for conventional and 87%% or 90% for project based rental assistance properties.  In addition to this higher leverage the amortization and term can be as long as 35-years for an existing property (construction period, plus 40-years for construction).   These non-recourse loans start at $1,000,000.  Due to (more..)
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  • Caffrey & Company LLC is your one stop shop for an Apartment Loan: Need a loan to finance an apartment complex?   There are many options to choose from.  Caffrey & Company LLC will help sift through the many loan products to place the loan that will best achieve your goals.  These multi-family loans are offered through Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Wall Street Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities originators (conduits), insurance companies and banks with specialty l (more..)
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  • Looking for long term fixed rate loans to finance a commercial real estate investment property supported by a long term lease from an investment grade tenant?  We can help place and structure your loan to find terms that best fit your goals.  Perhaps you have funds coming from the recent sale of another commercial property and want to exercise the 1031 exchange rules, or perhaps you would like to put as little down on a property as possible.  When working with our institutional in (more..)
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