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Walgreen’s Loan in California

Low interest rates are available for Walgreen’s Financing in California.  Seeking loans on NNN properties for commercial real estate 1031 Exchange investing be sure to contact our office for the loan terms to fit your criteria.  We post sample commercial real estate interest rates daily on our web site.

Our loan products to fiance a Walgreen’s in California are from insurance companies, Wall Street Firms and Specialty Banks.  Our insurance company lenders are most often looking for long term fixed interest rates up to 25-years.  If you are considering an investment in triple net lease properties call or email us for a free no obligation loan quote.

Credit Tenant Lease Walgreen’s Loan: California

Walgreen’s is rated by Standard & Poors as BBB and by Moody’s Baa2.  Both of these credit rating fall within the investment grade criteria used in originating credit tenant leased loans also known as CTL financing.  This type of structure can provide higher leverage than a traditional loan. The Cap Rates for Walgreen’s stores can vary widely.  A Walgreen’s in a less populated area with less than 10-years left on the lease will generally have a higher Cap Rate than a well located store in a large community with 20-plus years remaining. For the most current SEC filing on Walgreen’s click here.

1031 Exchange Walgreen’s Loan: California

Are you coming out of a 1031 Exchange and considering Walgreen’s Loans Rockland Maryland store as the replacement property?  Or perhaps you would like to know the financing options before submitting a formal offer to purchase?  We have your solution, send us the realtors marketing package.  Along with this realtors package outline the purchase price.  Also provide the amount of loan you are seeking. We will need to know the intended time to hold the property.  After this we can provide some loan options for you to consider.  Also indicate if you wish to fully amortize the loan over the remaining lease period.  Or if you prefer to consider a balloon balance.  With this information we can provide you with financing solutions.

Balloon Balance for Walgreen’s Loan: California

When considering a loan with a balloon balance the lender will assume the NNN tenant will not renew and the building will go dark at the end of the lease term.  Therefore, take the time to try to estimate the value of the real estate at the end of the lease term, assuming the building is vacate (dark).  This is the exercise the lender will go through.  Do you need a simple Balloon Balance Excel Model?  Just let us know and we can email this model to you.Some of the newer Walgreen leases are for an initial term of 75-years with nearly termination rights we can help with the details for a Walgreen’s Loan in California.

The Leases are generally guaranteed by Walgreen Co., a subsidiary of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. and rated Baa2/Stable by Moody’s. Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc., the Parent Company, carries an Investment Grade Credit Rating of BBB/Stable from S&P and Baa2/Stable from Moody’s.

On our web site you can read about specific loan products: www.caffreyloans.com/loan-products, offered by Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, HUD/FHA, Commercial Mortgage Back Securities (CMBS) and other loan products. Want more details on sample interest rates for apartment check out Interest Rates for Apartment Loans also on our web site: www.caffreyloans.com/apartment-loans.

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