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Office Building Financing:

Caffrey & Company LLC has many options to help with your office building financing.  Loan products are through insurance companies, Wall Street Lenders, Regional Lenders and private money. Why do we have so many lenders?  Each lender has a unique underwriting and loan terms.  We work for the real estate investor to find the best loan terms.

Loan Amount:  Start at $1,000,000 with no upper limit.  The best office building financing products are available with loan amounts over $2 million.

Loan to Value: 65% – 75%

DSCR: 1.25x – 1.40x

Term:  5, 7-years for loan amounts between $1,000,000 and $2 million.  In addition to these terms 10, 12, 15 and 20-years loan terms area available for loans over $2 million.

Amortization:  20 to 30-years.

Interest Rates: For stabilized properties see our interest rates in our web site, updated each business day.

Recourse:  Loans under $2 million most often require some form of personal recourse.   Over this amount non-recourse loans are available.

Closing timing:  After a full underwriting package has been delivered the closing normally takes 50 to 60-days to fund.  This can be expedited but normally, costs a few extra dollars, e.g. to have the appraisal returned in less time normally, requires an additional fee.


Nationwide, main and secondary markets.  Generally, populations in the MSA in excess of 400,000.


Closing Costs:  This varies widely.  After we understand the loan request and select the lenders with the best loan products we will be able to provide an estimate of the overall closing costs.  For example one lender might have outside legal expense of $3,000 while another for a larger transaction might charge $20,000.  Just remember before you send in any money you will know the terms of the loan and the estimated closing costs.  We would not expect our clients to blindly move forward with having the details.

What is needed to underwrite the loan and provide a loan quote?

  • Last two to three years and year to date detailed profit and loss statements on the subject property.
  • Current detailed rent roll.
  • Photos of the subject property.
  • Brief description of the subject property, age, amenities, parking spaces, etc.
  • Resume on the sponsors – focus should be on real estate investments.
  • Who and how will the subject property be managed.
  • Detail the actual loan request, if an acquisition include a copy of the contract or LOI.

Bridge loans area also available:

Term: 1- 3 years

Amortization: interest only

Interest rates:  Floating 200 to 350 basis points over 30-day LIBOR

Recourse:  Depends on the project over $5 million. More often than not non-recourse loan terms are available.  Under $5 million some recourse may be required on a case by case.

LTV:  up to 80% loan to costs/value and as completed 75% max.

DSCR:  not applicable.


We have equity investors.  The sponsors normally contribute 10% of the required equity.  If you need equity please send details to allow us to place this with the investor with the best terms after reviewing the project.

We will look forward to assisting you with you office building financing.

On our web site you can read about specific loan products:, offered by Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, HUD/FHA, Commercial Mortgage Back Securities (CMBS) and other loan products. Want more details on sample interest rates for apartment check out Interest Rates for Apartment Loans also on our web site:

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